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Membership in The California B & B Corps is by invitation and candidates are voted on by the active members within a Division.

A member of the Corps may invite a prospective member to attend monthly Corps meetings or other events. This is to further the prospective's understanding of the Corps and to ascertain their level of interest in uniforms and in the Corps. If a mutual interest exists, the Officer will officially sponsor the prospective as a candidate by nominating them for membership at a scheduled monthly Division meeting.

Once nominated, membership eligibility requires candidates demonstrate their enthusiasm and commitment by attending at least 3 open meetings and other Corps sponsored activities. Candidates will be introduced to active members of the Division by their sponsor, however it is expected that a candidate will make every effort to meet all active members in that Division. Once the candidate has attended sufficient events and if the sponsor is confident to proceed, the sponsor will advise the Divison during a regular meeting of the pending membership vote. The vote will be held at the next scheduled meeting. All active members are required to vote on new members in person or by proxy.

Once membership is confirmed by a Division, the new member is required to pay the annual dues which is $60 and to complete their regulation Corps uniform within 6 months as defined by the constitution. The Corps uniform consists of winter and summer uniforms: regulation LAPD midnight navy breeches with scarlet braid and midnight navy long sleeve shirt with Corps sleeve patches, regulation CHP tan short sleeve shirt with Corps sleeve patches, tall Dehner police boots or other regulation black motor boots with a high gloss finish, utility belt with sam browne strap, various accessories and the Corps badge. Assembling both regulation uniforms will cost a member about $1000 out of pocket. Once the member meets the requirements of the constitution, they will achieve Member in Good Standing status.

Maintaining Member in Good Standing status reqires a member to attend monthly meetings. However a member may be excused from a meeting by notifying any elected officer prior to that meeting.

If you are an active uniform enthusiast and interested in joining the Corps, talk to any member or send an email to one of the officers describing your interest.

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